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Fundamentals of Poker

                In the early 1900's a new form of open online poker to Appear, Known as Texas holdem it became widely played Through out the South, especially in the state of Texas.Although Stud  arrived in Las Vegas when gambling was legalized in the 1930's. There was no limit introduced in Nevada to any  noticeable extent until the early 1970's.

                Two catalysts were responsible for the rapid growth in Popularity of this game. The first was the prestigious World Series Of poker, which in 1970 Adopted Texas Hands as the card game to Determine the world champion. The second catalyst was a book Titled Texas Holdem poker, written by noted gambling authority and Poker expert David Sklansky. Published in 1976, this text was the First to qualify Texas holdem and thus make the game of cards accessible to the average poker player.

                As for draw poker it faded away, except in California. Where It was the only form of poker legal until 1987. Now that stud and Holdem are also legal in the Golden State, high draw has become Virtually extinct and low-ball draw seems to be slowly Disappearing.

                Currently, the two dominant forms of poker in the United States are seven-card stud and Texas holdem, Although many Additional types of Play Poker are played in legal card rooms across the Nation, as well as in other countries. In its present format, poker Is thought of as uniquely American, Yet its appeal is international, And today, poker ranks among the most popular card games in the World.