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Starting Hand Quiz

1. You have been dealt two aces, one in the hole and one up. What should you do?
Raise or re-raise when the action gets to you. A pair of aces plays best in a short-handed pot, so raise it up.

2. You have been dealt a three flush, but four of the flush cards you need are out and someone has already raised. What should you do? Throw your hand away, as it’s just too difficult to make your flush.

3. What if the pot is not raised?
For the same reason, you still should throw your three flush away.

4. You have only three high cards, but the first five players have mucked their hand. What should you do? Go ahead and raise.

5. What id several players have already entered the pot?
Throw your hand away. High cards play best against a small number of opponents.

6. Someone in an early position raises with a king up, and you have a pair of nines. Do you play? Not usually, as your opponent’s raise from early position indicates that he likely holds a pair of kings. Consequently, to play under these circumstances, you need more than just a pair of nines.

7. You have a small three straight with a gap. You are in a late position, and several players have just called the bring-in, Do you play?
Usually. If you can get in cheaply and are fairly certain you won’t be raised, you can Play Poker some weaker hands. However, be careful. If you get caught up in the action, you will begin to play too many hands.

8. You have rolled-up sixes, and three players have already entered the pot. What should you do?
Raise it up. You have a great hand, so get more money into the pot.

9. Several players are already in, and you have a three flush. Should you raise?
No, as you still have a long way to go. Raise only if you have three cards to a straight flush.

10. Suppose you have a small buried pair and the pot is raised. Do you play?
Only if there are several players in the pot and your cards are live.

11. When you have a close decision concerning whether to play a hand, what should you consider?
How well those opponents already in the pot play. The better they play, the less inclined you should be to play.

12. How do you adjust the hands you should play if a jackpot is offered?
If the jackpot is small, you should not play any differently than you normally would. But when the jackpot has become large, it makes senses to play hands that contain a small pair or an ace if aces full or better is the required losing hand. If four of a kind is the required losing hand, you should play your small pairs. But don’t get carried away. A hand like is still terrible and should be discarded.